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This Site Is Dedicated To All The Rosen Babies

Who Ever They Are

Where Ever They May Be 


Who are Rosen Babies?

A Rosen Baby is an adult Adoptee whose adoption was arranged or facilitated though the assistance of Dr. Oscar J. Rosen in Cleveland, Ohio.

Why do I need to know if I'm a Rosen Baby?

Rosen Babies adoption records  are dubious and questionable as to their validity.

Rosen Babies records are falsified. 

Rosen Babies adoptions involve improprieties. 

How do I know if I'm a Rosen Baby?

You may be a Rosen Baby if your final order of adoption and/or original birth certificate contains all or some of the following:

Several different names of the Birth Parents or the Adoptee separated by an A.K.A (also known as).

Doctor's Hospital listed as the place of birth. (We are currently investigating the possibility of alternate places of birth) 

Adoptees or Birth Parents names falsified or omitted.  (You may not know if names were falsified unless you are reunited)

Are all the babies Dr. Rosen help place for adoption Rosen Babies?

No. We know of one adoption Dr. Rosen facilitated that was legitimate. We surmise there are others.

What years were Rosen Babies born?

We know Rosen Babies where born in the 1950's. We  are currently investigating other years.

How did you realize Rosen Babies existed?

An Adoptee, born in 1953, when reunited with her Birth Mother in 1993, found  the information on her original birth certificate and final order of adoption, was falsified. The adoptee learned of the devious methods Dr. Oscar J. Rosen used in order to gain her Birth Mother's confidence and secure the adoptee for placement.  The adoptee thought hers was an isolated case until she learned of another possible Rosen Baby.

Can you give an example of a Rosen Baby story?

To read one of the Rosen Babies story please go to the link below.

How Can I get more information on Rosen Babies?

If you feel the possibility exists that you are a Rosen Baby please send us an email. We are continuing our research on Rosen Babies to determine how many lives of Adoptees and Birth Parents Dr. Oscar J. Rosen affected.

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